Black Diamond


The elaborately handcrafted glass hood provides a unique view of 4 harmoniously rotating clocks. And if you want to captivate your eyes even more closely to the precisely manufactured masterpiece, the switchable LED lighting rounds off every office or bedroom. The timeless design and high-quality materials ensure a unique image in your environment for many years. The fascination for perfectionism and technical excellence is what makes both watches and their movers unique pieces of jewelry.



  • holds up to four watches
  • LED lightning
  • made in Germany
  • long lasting electro engine
  • automatic change of direction and observance of pause times
  • 220-240 V AC, alternative 110-120 V AC
  • Watch retaining springs: chrome-nickel steel, plastic 24 carat gold plated
  • Soft cellular rubber pads
  • Easy to use – electronically controlled break time
  • Quiet run
  • Integrated safety slip clutch


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